Toontrack solo 1.2.1 is now available

Toontrack solo is a stand alone application designed to host Toontrack samplers such as dfh Superior and EZdrummer. It is particularly suited for musicians wanting to jam along with a friend (real ones if you are a drummer or a virtual one if you are a guitarist), or to perform live (for your own pleasure or in front of an audience).

It fixes a number of faults with the new Metronome feature as well as expand the game controller support launched as part of version 1.2.0. The changes in a nutshell:
– added support for Mad Catz XBox Rockband® drumkit on PC
– metronome should now work as expected on PC
– click sounds are correctly recalled/found regardless of the project  location on PC
– default metronome settings are remembered
– fixed a bug when opening save files with incorrect paths on PC
– Open/Save/Save as/New combinations should remember the filename
– some minor graphical issues in the mixer have been fixed

For reference, please find below the important bugfixes of the previous version as well as the new features introduced starting with Toontrack solo 1.2.

– failure to load the WDM under some circumstances should no longer  occur
– EZplayer should no longer be removed from the audio/midi chain when  re-loading a project

New Features:
– graphical interface has been rebuilt, main drummer is treated as any other
– re-organization of the application menus for a cleaner, more OS  compliant experience
– convenience toolbar for common application components and EZplayer
– new Master mute button to supplement existing shortcut
– new metronome feature, with time signature setting and volume control
– support for multiple MIDI interfaces and ports (to be used at the  same time)
– support for MME audio drivers on PC
– support for Rockband® and Guitar Hero® drum controllers




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