iZotope Partners with Underworld for New iDrum Edition

iZotope has collaborated with English electronic band Underworld for the latest release of their popular iDrum app for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. This new app features tracks adapted from all of Underworld albums in celebration of the release of the band’s full catalog on iTunes and in conjunction with a concert available to stream on the iPhone and iPod touch.

“iDrum Underworld Edition has been carefully designed as a completely new medium of musical expression where users can interact with Underworld’s music,” explains Mark Ethier, CEO of iZotope, “We’re proud to be part of this successful artistic collaboration between iZotope, Underworld, tomato and GForce Software.”

Building on the core iZotope interface of iDrum, the graphical user interface skin was specially commissioned from John Warwicker, co-founder of tomato and Underworld Creative Director.  Tracks from the Underworld catalog were adapted by sound designer Dave Spiers, co-founder of GForce Software, under the direction of the band’s own Rick Smith.  GForce is well-known for their meticulous vintage synthesizer modeling in addition to providing technical expertise to a number of bands.

The app includes 12 tracks, featuring “Born Slippy”, “Two Months Off” and “Cowgirl”.  In addition to allowing users to remix and re-sequence tracks from more than 20 years of Underworld’s music, the app also includes an original track created exclusively for the app.

“Ten years ago I could only imagine that something like this would be possible,” explains Rick Smith of Underworld, “What we saw in iZotope’s [iDrum] software was an opportunity to allow kids to get inside the bones of our grooves and our music and reinvent their own personal versions. I can’t wait to hear what cool things the peeps are going to make with this beautiful ‘Groove-Toy.’”

On August 7, 2009, the band will broadcast a concert live from the Fox Theatre in Oakland, California available via the internet and the iPhone or iPod touch. See www.underworldlive.com for details. Also, in August, the band will release their entire catalog of music on Apple’s iTunes. The availability of Underworld’s music live, on the internet, and as interactive software represents new ways for fans and music enthusiast’s to experience the bands music.

• Content featuring tracks for all Underworld albums
• An exclusive track created by Underworld
• Remix and re-sequence tracks for new arrangements
• Tap the screen to play and record your own patterns
• Bring sounds in and out of the mix to perform live
• Transfer kits and samples to and from your computer with iDrum for Mac/PC

Purchase iDrum Underworld Edition on iTunes.





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