DENON DJ partners with NI for DN-HC4500 Software Upgrade

Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium-grade DJ equipment, announces a partnership with Native Instruments, a leader in software and hardware for digital music production and performance, for a new software interface for Denon DJ’s popular DN-HC4500 USB MIDI/Audio Interface & Controller. All DN-HC4500 units are now shipping with Native Instruments Traktor LE software. Traktor LE is based on Native Instruments’ award-winning Traktor Pro software and offers two deck control, Crate Flick cover art browsing and an integrated two-channel mixer. Auto-sync, looping and a host of other useful, advanced features offer DJs inspiration and ease of operation. Subsequent software upgrade offers from LE to Traktor Duo and Traktor Pro can be found at

The DN-HC4500 USB MIDI/Audio Interface & Controller is Denon DJ’s first USB MIDI/Audio interface designed exclusively for computer performance by club and mobile DJs. This highly flexible, feature-packed, portable PC- and Mac®-compatible controller combines unmatched hardware performance with internal high-quality audio processing and low latency ASIO support. Notably, it provides DJs with the exclusive flexibility to control Denon’s optional BU4500 dual CD/MP3 player for simultaneous 4-player configuration.

Among the DN-HC4500’s many other advanced features is a Multi Functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc constructed with an ultra high-resolution pulse and touch sensor to accurately reproduce the most swift or subtle scratching movements made by the human hand. The Jog Disc can also perform other vital functions with Traktor LE, such as FX control. A Vibrant Tube Display with Character Text Support offers two lines of character information, letting DJs know what is playing without having to look up at their monitor. A visual 32-position Marker Point indicator follows hand movements at lightning speeds without drift. Other indicators include Looping, Hot Starts, BPM info, Elapsed Time, and other useful indicators.

Highly responsive soft rubber buttons, switches and knobs, plus 5 easily accessible function keys at the top of each deck and 45-mm pitch sliders add to the DN-HC4500’s ease-of-use and utility.

Other Traktor LE features include full iTunes and iPod compatibility, Auto Beatgridding and Sync Lock, Instant Loop and Set Cue Button, Loop Length Selector, Grid Panel and four effects: Flanger, Delay, Reverb and Filter.

The Denon DJ DN-HC4500 with Native Instruments Traktor LE is now shipping.




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