Toontrack Music upgrades EZdrummer to 1.2

EZdrummer 1.2.0 is now available. This update is recommended for all EZdrummer users. It adds essential support for the latest generation of EZX-s.

New features:
– new Drumkit presets pull down menu including user preset saving facility
– new Mixer channel LEDs indicates the presence of signal pre-fader
– drag and drop install of Toontrack MIDI packs supported
– various adjustments to support the upcoming Electronic EZX
– Knob circular modes are now always relative
– EZX library version info is now available from the Help menu

Fixed in 1.2.0
– changing drums while the sounds are loading improved
– crashes when transmuting to low volume articulations with one or no Hard hits fixed
– the Groove browser now skips headers when browsing with the Up/Down arrows
– fixed a memory leak related to MIDI file loading
– some preferences handling changes on Mac to better support multi-users workstations
– if sounds cannot be found, the default location is probed (PC)
– improvements to transmuting





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