Mathew Lane releases DrMS spatial processor plugin version 3

Version 3 of the DrMS spatial processor plugin was re-coded from the ground up in a partnership with Mu Technologies. DrMS is now a true native VST/AU/RTAS plugin for OSX and Windows that no longer requires the Pluggo Runtime shell. V3 is compatible with all major DAWs supporting VST, AudioUnit or RTAS, including the latest versions of Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Live and ProTools, both on Mac and PC.

It also includes numerous improvements and new features over version 2, such as the newly implemented mastering grade filters, the addition of the Feedback circuit for reverb creation and special effects, the improved GUI with value displays and the inclusion of example preset settings.

DrMS version 3.0 features:
• Native VST/AU/RTAS plugin for OSX & Windows, supports all major DAWs
• MS encoding & decoding
• Spatial audio processing: Zoom in, add Depth, change Width
• New mastering grade filters
• Resonant HPF, LPF and Delay on each of the four processing sections
• New Feedback circuit for reverb creation and special effects
• Full mono compatibility
• Autogain circuit for easy level matched A/B comparision
• Improved GUI with value displays
• Smart MCU control surface layout
• Wide range of applications for mixing, mastering and post production, going from simple MS encoding/decoding, over stereo field and depth enhancement, to fixing mono compatibility issues and more
• Presets developed by Dylan ‘3D’ Dresdow (Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, Usher) and Emre Ramazanoglu (Shakira, Alexander McQueen, Lou Rhodes)
• Easy installation and authorization with choice of using iLok or Challenge/Response

You have already heard DrMS in action, as it has been used extensively by mix engineer Dylan ‘3D’ Dresdow on the multi Grammy Award nominated Black Eyed Peas album “The E.N.D.”.

Also, DrMS was found very helpful by engineer Emre Ramazanoglu in matching atmospheres and for other positional applications during the sound and music design for the UK feature film “Nowhere Boy” as well as in crafting sound design and music recreation for Alexander McQueen and other fashion houses.

DrMS v3.0 is immediately available for only 99 euro ex. VAT at – Home . A 10-day trial period is included with the installer that can be downloaded from the Mathew Lane website.

For all current DrMS users, a special upgrade path to DrMS v3.0 is offered for only 25 euro ex. VAT until the end of 2009.






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