TC-Helicon NAMM 2010 Product News

VoiceTone Create XT is the complete ‘Hit Producer in a Pedal’. The original VoiceTone Create is already used by tens of thousands of singers, giving vocalists the world over all of the tools they need to quickly and easily turn in superbly produced vocal performances.

Now VoiceTone Create XT makes it even easier to get those ‘ear candy’ vocal effects that professional producers call on every day to create hit tracks. VoiceTone Create XT improves on the original Create by incorporating HardTune (similar to effects by artists such as T-Pain and Kanye West), the rich, front-of-house quality reverb from its famous big brother, VoiceLive 2, and even more control, including a pedal input that accepts TC-Helicon’s 3-button footswitch.

TC-Helicon improves on VoiceTone Harmony-G vocal pedal with more features, better harmonies at an affordable price. TC-Helicon is renowned for delivering the best tools for enhancing vocal performances and VoiceTone Harmony-G XT is no exception. With improved harmony technology and reverb taken from its big brother VoiceLive 2, Harmony-G XT improves vocal tone and provides pro effects and vocal harmony controlled by naturally playing guitar.

Specifically designed for the singing guitarist, VoiceTone Harmony-G XT marries the simplicity of the original Harmony-G with state of the art processing right from VoiceLive 2. Whether creating vocal harmonies that automatically follow guitar input, smoothing vocal performance with the live engineer effects or applying one of the 18 combinations of specifically tailored combinations of effects, Harmony-G XT can transform any vocal performance into a fully produced masterpiece.

VoiceLive 2, TC-Helicon’s ultimate floor-based vocal processor, raises the bar even higher with a software update that adds more power, more features and more flexibility. VoiceLive 2 is already used by vocalists the world over to deliver jaw-dropping vocal performances. And while this compact floor-standing vocal processor has already won over legions of fans with its instant harmonies, reverbs, delays, modulation FX and more, the latest Version 1.2 software update puts even more vocal processing power at your feet.

VoiceLive 2 has already earned its place as the top vocal processor for many of the world’s best vocalists. Ease of use combine with superb multi-fx and detailed tonecorrecting and harmony algorithms to deliver perfect vocals, no matter what the style or genre.

Now the Version 1.2 software update takes VoiceLive 2’s already impressive feature set and adds a wealth of new features, including Rhythmic effects, greatly improved lead voice latency as well as dozens of smaller improvements that have been suggested by VoiceLive 2 users via and the forum. With these online resources it’s never been easier to stay in contact with other
singers who use VoiceLive 2. The Version 1.2 update will be available as a free download from the TC-Helicon
website from February 2010.

TC-Helicon updates VoiceSupport application to version 1.1, delivering enhanced user control and management of hardware devices. With TC-Helicon’s VoiceSupport it’s now even easier to back up, restore and edit all presets and system settings for VoiceLive 2, VoiceTone Synth, Harmony G-XT and the new Create XT.

TC-Helicon, already a leading innovator in the world of vocal processing, is updating its VoiceSupport software. Now users of TC-Helicon products – currently VoiceLive 2, VoiceTone Synth, Harmony G-XT and Create XT – can manage many aspects of their hardware’s firmware and presets from the comfort of Mac or PC. What is VoiceSupport? VoiceSupport is a free, simple, and powerful application that keeps your USB-equipped TC-Helicon product up to date. It downloads news items about the latest firmware versions, availability of video tutorials and offers tips, tricks and videos that allow you to get the most from your TC-Helicon product.

Furthermore, it offers a quick method for backing up and restoring user presets. VoiceSupport was launched in 2009 alongside TC-Helicon’s first USB-enabled product, VoiceLive 2.

TC-Helicon announce VoiceTone Synth, offering radical vocal processing in a pedal. VoiceTone Synth brings together a collection of extreme exotic and contemporary sonic effects, including jagged HardTuneTM effects, classic Vocoder effects, a voicecontrolled synthesizer and vocal distortion and megaphone effects. Now vocalists or anyone looking to add a modern edge to their live performances and studio productions can dial-in these effects instantly with the press of a footswitch.

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