Audio Damage Discord3 preview

Audio Damage gave us an preview of Discord3 plugin via their Analog Industries blog. It follows the Discord2.  Discord 2 took the vintage pitch-shifting style of Discord 1 and 1.5 to an entirely new plateau. With a full-featured delay section and mod routing system, Discord 2 is a specialized platform for special effects, in addition to its normal skill as a workhorse delay and pitch-shifter. Discord3 will even make more truly bizarre shit happening…

In their own words:

“This is the UI for Discord3, showing the granular engine. Click for the full size. Note that it’s not 100% done yet. I’m still messing with the Chaos control drawing, but it’s nearly there.

With the feedback, cross-feedback, and Chaos all amped, you can get some truly bizarre shit happening with this. With Chaos at its lowest setting, the granular pitch shifter functions like the other two shifters that you already know and love from the existing Discord2. Other than the addition of that engine and the entirely new UI (which will be carried over to some of our other products as we rev the whole line) the operation should be exactly the same. We changed the filter model a bit to better fit the context, so some settings you’re used to in Discord2 might sound a bit different, but otherwise, it’s all there.

Anyhow, we’re in the home stretch now. Just tying everything together at this point; I’ll put up a video when everything is working so you can see (and hear) the granular engine doing its thing.”





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