DAW control with your brandnew iPad

Yesterday we got the press release from Apple that the iPad will be available from saturday on. However only in selected countries, so we probably have to wait a few more months in Europe. But, that said, we have already seen a few manufacturers developing control app’s for DAW’s.

Last week we saw already the MIDIPAD passing by on the internet. MIDIPAD is an exciting new app for the iPad/iPhone for music creation and live-performance.

The striking feature of midipad is its ability to directly communicate via network-MIDI-protocol. So there is no need to install any communication-peer-software on the Mac! Simply plug-and-play via Apple Bonjour – wireless. This kind of connectivity has not been used in any similar iphone-software.

This multitouch-capable midi-controller-application communicates with your Apple Mac, your Windows-based PC and even standalone hardware-synths via Wifi.

In the production-environment midipad can control host-applications like Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo, Ableton Live etc. It can also be used to control stand-alone applications from companies like Native-Instruments, Spectrasonics and many more.

And then there is AC-7 Pro Daw Controller from Saitara Software. This software developer has specialised in iPhone app’s. They already released several ‘music’ app’s, but recently they announced the AC-7 Pro which is a DAW control app specifically released for the iPad.

Both app’s have not been released yet but with the launch of the iPad this saturday, the launch of these DAW Control app’s won’t be long after that!




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