OptiTron for M-Tron Pro from G-Force

For many moons G-Force have harboured the desire to release a full set of sounds recorded from their funky old Optigan. They considered building a completely new instrument but ultimately thay’ve made the decision to integrate these sounds within the M-Tron Pro, primarily because they sit so well along side those tones and rhythms already released. The OptiTron Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro takes these nostalgic tones into completely new sonic territory and G-Force look forward to hearing them in your compositions in the future.

The Optigan was a Tron-like OPTIcal orGAN manufactured by toy giant Mattel® during the 1970s in an attempt to cash-in on the burgeoning home organ market. For various reasons it failed. But over the years it has become both a bona-fide collectors item for musicians as well as providing a source of inspiration for artists as diverse as Steve Hackett, Beck, Coil, Goldfrapp and Lily Allen. The main reason for this is the instantly nostalgic rhythms triggered via buttons to the left of the keyboard which, when combined with some pretty ordinary lead sounds played from the actual keyboard, emanates wonderful sounds from days gone by.

OptiTron is only available to existing registered users of M-Tron Pro and is priced at €39.00. Full details of the OptiTron Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro owners can be found here.



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