UAD2 Precision Enhancer Hz released

The Precision Enhancer Hz allows the user to selectively add upper harmonics to bass fundamentals, sometimes referred to as “phantom bass”. This significantly enhances the perception of low-end energy beyond the conventional frequency response of small speakers. These harmonics stimulate a psychoacoustic bass-enhancing effect in the listener, giving even the smallest speakers greater translation of low frequency sources. Universal Audio’s unique approach to this common problem combines a simple control set that yields exacting results with minimal adjustment and allows the widest range of tonality available in its class, from subtle to decidedly audible.


  • A specialized tool for enhancing bass perception
  • Suitable for individual tracks or even full program material
  • Extends perceived bass response by up to 1.5 octaves
  • Effect blends generated signal into original signal with the ability to solo effect
  • Hz Frequency cutoff with ability to solo low passed filtered signal
  • Four Effect filter Slopes and five enhancement Modes ensure versatility with the widest array of material
  • Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card available from authorized dealers worldwide.

Universal Audio





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