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PolyKB Dongle free demo available

PolyKB Dongle free demo available

The PolyKB is a modern take on a very rare, very powerful polyphonic synthesizer released in the 80’s by a french company. One of it’s unique features, is the never before heard continuously modulated waveform. This feature was never available in other analog synthesizers and this is the first time it has appeared in a software instrument.

FG Connects Live Update for Roland Fantom-G

Roland Corporation is proud to announce that the new FG Connects Live project is now available on the Roland website. As part of the Version 1.50 Update for the Fantom-G Series Workstations, this free download will emphasize the powerful live performance potential of the Fantom-G, adding new rhythm patterns, patches and live sets, and creating a new world of flexibility and versatility with new Motion Phrases.

Slate Digital TRIGGER Now Available

Slate Digital is pleased to announce that the new SLATE DIGITAL advanced drum replacer TRIGGER Platinum is now available for purchase. TRIGGER is a multi channel, phase accurate drum replacer with 6 channels of multi velocity sample layers. This means that you can trigger a close mic, stereo overhead pair, and room mic pair all from one instance of the plugin! With TRIGGER you can quickly and easily turn ordinary drum tracks into world class drums.

HG Fortune Releases The Dreammachine 3

This is a new and completely rebuilt version of The Dreammachine featuring a largely increased functionality. Still it is a machine intended for slow motion providing complex evolving athmospheres and soundscapes. The concept of the Dreammachine is based on three synthlayers with slow wavesequencing and soundmodulations. 

New Electro Sounds for FabFilter Twin 2

FabFilter has released a new Electro sound set by Ouroboros for FabFilter Twin 2, its powerful software synthesizer. The Electro sound set includes over 140 new and exciting presets that will add an edge to your music, with immediate application to electro house, electro clash, and experimental electronica. Featuring simple, nasty leads, basses that grind your teeth and pads soft enough to fall into, sound designer Ouroboros (Erin Hamilton) offers a bank with futuristic electronic sounds that will inspire you with new ideas.