Slate Digital TRIGGER Now Available

Slate Digital is pleased to announce that the new SLATE DIGITAL advanced drum replacer TRIGGER Platinum is now available for purchase. TRIGGER is a multi channel, phase accurate drum replacer with 6 channels of multi velocity sample layers. This means that you can trigger a close mic, stereo overhead pair, and room mic pair all from one instance of the plugin! With TRIGGER you can quickly and easily turn ordinary drum tracks into world class drums.

TRIGGER Platinum comes with the entire Steven Slate Drums library, including a sneak peak at some of the upcoming DELUXE series drums. Find out more about TRIGGER’s features at

To purchase TRIGGER, please visit and click on the online shop. If you are a Steven Slate Drums 3.0 customer or above, or a Drumagog 4.0 or above user, you are entitled to a limited time, special promotion for TRIGGER Platinum. Visit the following link to get 50% off of TRIGGER Platinum. You will need either the last four digits of your Slate Drums serial number, OR, your registered Drumagog email address.

UPGRADE/CROSSGRADE LINK. This promo is only offered for 30 days!




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