Rob Papen Blue in Limited (Light) Edition announced

This Rob Papen Blue Limited Edition is based on the Blue 1.8.5. version (with the same HQ audio engine). The LE version include many of the latest 1.8.5 presets (DubStep), however it does not load BLUE banks. Pricing is set to 59 Euro. This LE version is only available at the MusicStore. Release date is 23 april.

This fresh new synth delivers FM Synthesis, Phase Distortion Synthesis, Wave Shaping Synthesis and Subtractive Synthesis is one creative combination! Following the huge success of ‘Albino’, Rob Papen has teamed up with music software developer Jon Ayres to bring you his latest cross-fusion virtual synthesizer “BLUE“.  

The differences from the ‘original version’ according to Rob:
“Only there are less editing options. So the easymode page is very important to change sounds. You can not chose the algo’s yourself and do depend on the presets for FM / subtractive routings. Also 8 voice instead of 16 voice. Less amount of presets, but still over 1000.”

    * 1024 Presets in clear catagories by Rob Papen and DnB sesion banks with Giana-Brotherz
    * Sound banks of 32 presets inside build in browser
    * 8-voice polyphony. Voice amount control
    * Six Oscillators modules which include Analogue, Additive and Spectral type waveforms
    * Two analogue modelled stereo Multimode filters, offering multiple filter modes
    * Nine Main Envelopes, AHDSFR type
    * 32 step mono sequencer
    * 32 step arpeggiator
    * Poly/Mono/Legato/Seq/Arp synthesizer play modes
    * Unison 2 / Unison 4 / Unison 6 mode with detuning
    * Chord memory with strum function.
    * Easy Edit page for fast new sound results or for easy access tempo changes.
    * External controller hardware (fader-box or synth) settings can be saved and restored.
    * Two HQ effects-blocks with serial and parallel mode.
    * Master equalizer
    * All settings included the global settings are stored inside each individual preset.

Only available at the MusicStore….





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