Vienna Symphonic Library introduces Vienna Choir

The human voice is the oldest and most expressive instrument ever. Having redefined the world of virtual orchestration during the past several years, the Vienna Symphonic Library is breaking new ground with this impressive vocal collection.

This project was among the most physically demanding of all of the Vienna Instruments, where the challenges of achieving perfect tone, intonation, consistency, and stamina were directly linked to, and even magnified by, the mechanics of the human body. Given the rigorous criteria for inclusion, the voices of Vienna Choir were cast and assembled exclusively for the recording sessions at the Silent Stage, with each singer hand-selected from Austria’s leading choirs. Hundreds of hours were spent performing with utmost perfection and even a surprising passion that imbues every recorded note and interval, a testament to the professionalism of these outstanding artists.

Vienna Choir covers the full range of the human voice including soprano, alto, tenor and bass ensembles. It will add yet another dimension and a very human touch to any music, especially to your orchestral scores.

– Soprano ensemble
– Alto ensemble
– Tenor ensemble
– Bass ensemble

Introductory offer:
Purchase the Vienna Choir Standard Library through April 30, 2010, and get

  • 50% OFF the Vienna Choir Extended Library during the introductory period if you have registered both the Vienna Special Edition and the Special Edition PLUS (Full Libraries, i.e., both Standard and Extended Libraries of the DVD collections, or all 7 available parts of the Special Edition Download Collections)
  • FREE Vienna Choir Extended Library if you’re a registered user of the Symphonic Cube (10 Standard Libraries).




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