Steinberg Nuendo 5 featuring Brainworx bx_digital V2

Steinberg just announced the NUENDO 5 WORLD TOUR. Users can attend more than 20 exclusive presenations in 14 countries. The tour starts MAY 4th. Tickets are free available at Steinberg, but hurry up, the first shows are “sold out” already, more details can be found on the Steinberg website.


The NUENDO 5 tour also marks the official release of VST3 versions of ALL BX plugins. VST 3 installers will come online May 4th! Brainworx is happy to have a free trial version of bx_digital V2 on the new NUENDO 5 installer DVD as Brainworx & Steinberg intend to work together closer for the future. bx_digital V2 is our critically acclaimed M/S mastering & recording EQ plugin.

Steinberg comments on the cooperation with Brainworx:
“We´re excited to expand business with Brainworx as one of our main VST partners. That´s why NUENDO 5 will have a demo version of bx_digital V2 on board. We want our customers to be able to explore the possibilities of the Brainworx M/S tools and EQs.” (Timo Wildenhain, Marketing Manager at Steinberg)




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