Quick and Easy Multipoint Interaction with … Flexiknobs

Flexiknobs is a project from students of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen: Kristian Gohlke, Michael Hlatky, Sebastian Heise, and Joern Loviscach (Fachhochschule Bielefeld – University of Applied Sciences). This project is a new and somewhat different view on the hardware to control MIDI.

Parameters in audio or video editing applications can mostly be controlled by a variety of hardware devices such as MIDI controllers. These, however, usually feature only a limited number of physical knobs arranged in a fixed layout. The hundreds of parameters offered by typical editing software across dozens of windows with distinct arrangements of on-screen controls are hard to map to such a fixed physical interface.

To improve this, they have built a set of wireless, mouse-like devices enhanced with rotary controllers aiming at integrating the flexibility and transparency of mouse interaction with the benefits of physical controllers. Their software enables the simultaneous use of several of these knobs with a large variety of standard software.


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