Audio Damage Phosphor – Soon to come polysynth VSTi

The guys at Audio Damage are busy with the final stages of development on their latest product, which will a be an additive polysynth callled Phosphor. As usual they keep teasing us with little to nothing details. Apart from a screenshot and a few audio demos we’ll have to wait some more…

Comments on Analog Industries (Audio Damage blog):
As you’ve no doubt guessed from the screenshot and the audio demo, phosphor is an additive polysynth. Rather than going whole hog like Chameleon5000, we went the other direction, and phosphor is, for all intents and purposes, a clone of the alphaSyntauri in entirety. You see the little space invader switch next to the partials? Each section where it’s appropriate there is one of those, and it puts that section (and only that section, be it envelope, partials, noise) in to alphaSyntauri mode, where it sonically reverts to a much earlier computer music era.

Two audio demos posted at SoundCloud:


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