SPL drumXchanger – Gearjunkies Review part 2 – Video

The video below is part of our review we posted recently. As mentioned in the review the drumXchanger comes with 4 drumkits, wich all have got one bassdrum, one snaredrum and 4 tomtoms. 4 drumkits doens’t sound like it is much, but with the transient designer and the button ‘RIM‘, you can make allmost every possible drum sound. If this still isn’t enough, you can also add sounds in the editor. In the video we’ll demonstrate how to create different sounding Bassdrums, Snares and TomToms.

… The drumXchanger software is priced at 150 Euro, which I think is justified as it stands out of the competition drum replacement software,Wytse Gerichhausen.


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