New Hercules DJ 4Set Console Unveiled at CES

Hercules, a leader and pioneer in digital DJ controllers for computers, announces the latest addition to their DJ Console line, the DJ 4Set. The Hercules DJ 4Set combines the functions and feel of a pro controller with the simplicity users need to host memorable parties all night long. It is a must-have  solution for mixing fans who dream of setting the dance floor on fire with their mixes, without having to spend days in advance getting to know their new gear. 

The DJ 4Set features a slim and compact design (13.7×9.8’’) but is also large enough for comfortable mixing, with lots of space between the controls. It also includes non-slip feet that stand tough through even the most intense mixing sessions. With simplicity and advanced features rolled into one, this easy to use controller is an invitation to perform.

Simplicity combined with advanced features
•    The 2 large touch-sensitive jog wheels, measuring 12cm in diameter – the same size as scratching jog wheels on DJ CD players – feature touch sensors on their top surface which detect the weight of the DJ’s hand and enable “Touch Wheel” mode, allowing the user to stop/restart playback, or engage in some serious scratching
•    The highly distinctive “ring” on the base of the jog wheels – the signature of the new Hercules mixing solutions – features a super-ergonomic design, providing users with intuitive and simple pitch control
•    Green or red backlighting on its jog wheels and buttons make the controls easier to locate and providing enhanced usability

An invitation to perform
•    4 channels (including 2 for the mix, and 1 stereo headphone output for previewing tracks), plus a microphone input with a talk-over function, allow the DJ to pump things up on the dance floor
•    4 Virtual decks for users to mix on, thanks to the very practical deck indicators on the console’s mixing surface (A, B, C, D) including, for example, two music tracks on 2 decks, a loop, an effect or a voice on the 2 others
•    60 controls in 2-deck mode and 112 controls in 4-deck mode
•    The layout of controls has been optimized to make using the console quick and easy to learn.
•    MIDI-based controls are independent of one another, for even greater ease of use
•    Bundled with VirtualDJ® LE DJC Edition (supporting 4-deck mixing)
•    Compatibility with all 2 and 4-deck MIDI mixing software

The DJ 4 Set will be available at an SRP of $249.99 starting in April 2011. For more information on the DJ4 Set or to check out the entire Hercules DJing range, visit


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