Pioneer launches new Remix Station 500 Effect Controller

Pioneer DJ is giving DJs and producers the most easy-to-use multi-effects unit yet: the engaging REMIX STATION 500 (RMX-500). The lightweight effector takes some of the best features from the top-flight RMX-1000, but gains a more simplified layout, on-board customisation, and ingenious one-handed control of multiple parameters.

RMX-1000’s Little Brother

The RMX-500 boasts the industry’s first Pressure Controller knobs – one for the Rhythm FX and drum machine, and one for Scene FX. DJs can rotate the knobs to manipulate the wet/dry balance, and then press to modulate sub-parameters – making multi-layered FX more accessible for unlimited creativity.


  • Industry first: Pressure Controller knobs

  • Ten auto-quantized Scene FX (Mod, Echo, Noise, Spiral Up, Reverb Up, High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, Zip, Spiral Down and Reverb Down), each with two variations

  • Five drum samples (Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi Hat, Cymbal), each with six beat variations

  • New Rhythm FX: Roll, Trans, Add, Rev Delay and Offset

  • Three Release FX: Back Spin, Brake and Echo, plus Overdub

  • Customise button

  • Controller for virtual VST/AU/RTAS plug-ins

  • 16-bit sound card

  • RCA inputs

  • MIDI support

  • Compatible with the portable Pioneer T-U101 stand (sold separately)

The RMX-500 is available from February 2014, at an SRP of EUR 399/GBP 339, including VAT.










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