Tracktion software Color Editor Returns in Tracktion 5

Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC) has announced the release of an all new, updated graphical user interface (GUI) color editor for its Tracktion 5 (T5) Music Production Software. The updated editor features simplified controls for easier theme manipulation than in previous versions. T5 users can now create customized software environments to match their current mood or project.

“Customizing the look and feel of your software can greatly enhance inspiration and the entire creative process,” explained TSC’s, James “Woody” Woodburn. “Tracktion has a long history of allowing users to modify the entire color palette of the app and even share these themes with other users – a feature that has grown to be very popular.”

Users can create multiple themes and switch styles at the touch of a button. For instance, one might have a daylight theme and then and a different nighttime theme. The revised Color Editor is available to all Tracktion 5 users and can be found in version 5.3.6.

Tracktion is a powerful, easy-to-use DAW and a remarkable value. At under $60 for new licenses (under $30 for major upgrades) and a free, full-featured demo available, it makes sense to check it out at

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