Kickstart project from the Netherlands – Tuna Knobs

Real knobs for your tablet to control your MIDI and DJ’s apps – Why did’t anyone think of these a few years ago… O wait, I did, buy I’m not a techician, just a blogger with G.A.S… Check out this nice Kickstart project from the Netherlands: Tuna KnobsFor me, this is the most usable gadget for tablets ever made!

Tuna knobs are control knobs that stick to any touchscreen and let you control DJ and music making apps like you would with dedicated music hardware. Tuna Knobs are designed to give you the tactile precision you need when making music, while giving you the versatility of mobile applications. 

Making music is the passion of millions of people and nowadays it’s possible to make music anywhere due to great apps and accessible tablets. However the downside of using a touchscreen is that you miss the authentic feel of twisting a knob on professional DJ gear. Tuna Knobs wants to bring back that feeling to the tablet so you can enjoy the mobility and versatility of your touchscreen with the precise and expressive experience of professional hardware. On top of that Tuna Knobs are small enough to take with you wherever you go so you can transform your tablet into a true DJ station anywhere

founder of Tuna Knobs Samuel Verburg: “I have always loved making music and DJ’ing, but I was always bound to my gear at home. When a colleague saw me going through all the NAMM 2014 news, he stated that he knew some great iPad apps for making music. I checked them out and realized that I had missed one of the biggest new pieces of music hardware in the past years: the iPad. Powerful, versatile and mobile, it was already well on its way to changing the music world. But playing around with apps like TouchOSC and Korg iElectribe I felt something was missing. I wanted more precise control. I wanted knobs. So that’s the idea I pitched for Tweetonig and they loved it.”

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