New Sounds and Samples on Sample Saturday #211

Below are some of the new releases we have encountered this week on the Loops and Samples front. Just like the quality of the audio software we use these days the quality of the content we use (loops and samples) equally matches the high standards of this software. Below is this weeks selection.


Neurodriver Presents Elemental Techno

Deep House Generation

The Jungle Drummer Presents Urban Beats

Turf Cloud

Weird Little One Shots

Dubstep Heavy Bass


Download Country EDM Vol 5

Download Dubstep Heavy Bass

Download Deep House Generation

Download Cyberstorm

Download Neurodriver: Elemental Techno

Download The Jungle Drummer: Urban Beats

Download Destroy Me!

Download Bells Bricks

Download Jaikos Behaviour

Download Massive Bass Music

Download Pakotec: Big Room Drums Vol 1


Indie Pop

Electro House 2

Wonky Toys

Ambient Noises





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