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Karma-Lab unveils the Karma-Lab Wiki

The Karma-Lab Wiki is unveiled, providing a new resource for all Korg and KARMA Users. The purpose of this wiki is to enable the Karma-Lab community to build a library of useful “how to” information for working with the various keyboards, music workstations and software incorporating KARMA technology.

Karmalab releases KARMA Oasys Software

Karma Lab announced that KARMA Oasys Software has now been released and is available for sale on the Karma Online webstore. KARMA Oasys software runs on your PC/Mac and communicates with your Korg OASYS via a standard MIDI Interface connection. If you’re not aware of what KARMA Oasys Software is, one of the main things it does is let you create your own GEs and fill up all those User GE Slots that Korg put in the 1.3 update.