Karmalab releases KARMA Oasys Software

Karma Lab announced that KARMA Oasys Software has now been released and is available for sale on the Karma Online webstore. KARMA Oasys software runs on your PC/Mac and communicates with your Korg OASYS via a standard MIDI Interface connection. If you’re not aware of what KARMA Oasys Software is, one of the main things it does is let you create your own GEs and fill up all those User GE Slots that Korg put in the 1.3 update.

What can I do with it?
* With KARMA Oasys Software (KO) running on your PC/Mac, you get complete access to every feature of the powerful KARMA engine, not just the part that is brought to the surface in the keyboard.
* Use KO’s powerful graphical interface to discover and manipulate every nuance of the KARMA Function within your Programs and Combis. Whether you’re creating sounds from scratch or using the factory sounds, KO’s visual controls and displays provide the ultimate insight into the amazing world of KARMA.
* Experiment and explore the KARMA Function in ways that are impossible on the OASYS alone. KARMA Oasys is the ultimate learning tool for anyone who wants to better understand the KARMA Function.
* Operate the KARMA Software as an additional 6 modules at the same time as using the 4 modules of the internal KARMA Function in the OASYS, for up to 10 modules – it’s like having two and a half OASYS’s at once!
* Venture into the heart of KARMA and develop your own Generated Effects (GE’s) for unlimited musical possiblities. Import .MID files and grab phrases directly from the OASYS sequencer, and instantly turn them into GEs. Then, upload (via SysEx) your new GE’s to the OASYS and take them on the road!
* KARMA Oasys provides some additional features not found in the OASYS, such as 32 Scenes per Module per Performance (instead of 8), 16 Chord Trigger Buttons (Pads) per Performance instead of 8, the ability to give each Module and Scene a descriptive name, and more. These features cannot be imported into the OASYS, but are available while using the software.

Karma Lab

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