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Mathew Lane releases version 2 of the DrMS spatial processor

Build on a completely new internal algorithm, version 2 of the DrMS spatial processor plugin sounds even better then before. The new engine allows to create wider and deeper soundstages while, of course, maintaining the excellent mono compatibility DrMS is known for.

Mathew Lane updates DrMS spatial processor plugin to v1.1

The well received DrMS spatial processor plugin gets an update to version 1.1, to further improve workflow and user experience.

MathewLane releases DrMS spatial processor plugin

DrMS presents a new way to approach the manipulation of stereo audio. It is based on MS (Mid-Side) processing, although DrMS splits the stereo signal into four sections rather than the normal two, giving you new levels of control: zoom in, add depth, change width or any combination and more. DrMS takes you wherever you want to go in the stereo field.