Mathew Lane updates DrMS spatial processor plugin to v1.1

The well received DrMS spatial processor plugin gets an update to version 1.1, to further improve workflow and user experience.

Version 1.1 adds finer low frequency control on the high pass filters and also a new smart control surface layout for users of a Mackie Control Universal (MCU) or compatible control surface:
All parameters have a clear 6-character name and are organised in banks of 8/16 with use of informative ‘dummy’ parameters to complete each bank for easy bank switching and great overview.

All DrMS users will receive the v1.1 update for free by email, directly from Mathew Lane.
DrMS was first released in summer 2008. It presents a new way to approach the manipulation of stereo audio. It is based on MS (Mid-Side) processing, although DrMS splits the stereo signal into four sections rather than the normal two, giving you new levels of control: zoom in, add depth, change width or any combination and more. DrMS takes you wherever you want to go in the stereo field.

Each of the four sections has a resonant high pass filter to clean up the lows and a tilt equalizer to soften the highs, plus a sample-based delay line to slightly shift the signal against the other sections. The level and combination of the different sections will result in various changes of the stereo field.

The flexible controls ensure a wide range of applications, both for mixing and mastering as well as for post production. Use DrMS for tasks going from simple MS encoding/decoding, over stereo field and depth enhancement, to fixing mono compatibility issues and more.

For easy A/B comparision between original and processed signal, an autogain circuit is build in to ensure a level matched output. Mix engineer Dylan ‘3D’ Dresdow (Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, Usher) says:
“The DrMS plugin gives you unrivaled high performance control over stereo material. It redefines the boundaries, literally, of stereo imaging and depth.”

DrMS runs as AU/VST2/RTAS plugin on OSX and as VST2/RTAS plugin on Windows.

DrMS v1.1 is immediately available for only 25euro (ex. VAT), a demo version is also offered.

Mathew Lane

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