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Sugar Bytes WOW Filter Box Plugin – Features Overview

Sugar Bytes WOW Filter Box Plugin – Features Overview

PluginBoutique present this overview of Sugar Bytes WOW filter box VST plugin, with producer Marc Adamo. This brand new Sugar Bytes WOW filter box is a super-sounding state-of-theart filter plugin featuring a mad modulation system, super juicy filters and offering a range of vowel sounds previously unheard of!

Sugar Bytes WOW update released

WOW is a superb sounding filter plugin which contains an intuitive modulation system and brings you perfect vowel sounds. SugarBytes juts released an update for WOW.

SugarBytes announces WOW filter plugin

WOW is a superversatile filterbox with an extraordinary analog sound and lots of possibilities. 10 Filtertypes, including Vowel Mode, Overdrive and an inspiring modulation system, where the modulators can modulate each other, where each parameter has its own modulation mixer coming in with a single rightclick, make WOW to an everyday tool which is once more an outstanding example of innovation and sound.