Sugar Bytes WOW Filter Box Plugin – Features Overview

PluginBoutique present this overview of Sugar Bytes WOW filter box VST plugin, with producer Marc Adamo. This brand new Sugar Bytes WOW filter box is a super-sounding state-of-theart filter plugin featuring a mad modulation system, super juicy filters and offering a range of vowel sounds previously unheard of!


The plugin’s modulation system is versatile but intuitive. The modulation signals can be mixed individually for each parameter, and also used to modulate each other! So for example, the LFO-rate can be modulated by the envelope follower, while the step sequencer modulates the envelope follower´s gain.

Besides new ways to get exactly the sound you want, the WOW filter always inspires and surprises with something new every time you turn it on! Marc Adamo checks it out to see if it has the WOW factor! For more information and to purchase – check out the Plugin Boutique here.





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