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Limited time Yamaha studio connections upgrade Incentive

Customers who purchase Yamaha Studio Connections compatible hardware products (Motif ES, Motif ES Rack, i88x, 01x, 01V96, 02R96, SPX2000) between June 15 and Sept 30, 2005, qualify for the same special upgrade packages as Cubase LE customers. By returning to their dealer (or purchasing the upgrade along with their hardware), these customers can save $50 on Cubase SL or $100 on Cubase SX.

Yamaha SPX2000 releases a new generation of effects

The SPX2000 inherits the user interface and common programs from its predecessors, while bringing a new dimension to sound quality with 96kHz audio DSP and advanced REV-X reverb algorithm—a whole new generation of Yamaha reverb programs with rich reverberation tone and extremely smooth, transparent decay.