Yamaha SPX2000 releases a new generation of effects

The SPX2000 inherits the user interface and common programs from its predecessors, while bringing a new dimension to sound quality with 96kHz audio DSP and advanced REV-X reverb algorithm—a whole new generation of Yamaha reverb programs with rich reverberation tone and extremely smooth, transparent decay.

A 96kHz audio DSP with 32-bit internal processing (58-bit accumulator) offers incredible processing power for advanced effect algorithms. The 24-bit 128-times over-sampling AD/DA converters deliver 106dB dynamic range and flat response (20Hz to 40kHz at 96kHz sampling rate).

Three memory banks include PRESET, CLASSIC and USER. The PRESET bank contains 97 programs (17 of which are made with the REV-X reverb algorithm), including REV-X Hall, REV-X ROOM and REV-X PLATE. New parameters include ROOM SIZE and DECAY, producing higher definition and finer nuances. The remaining presets include refinements of popular trademark SPX programs: gate reverbs, delays, pitch, modulation and other special effects. The CLASSIC bank includes 25 programs reminiscent of the original SPX90 presets. The USER bank can store up to 99 user programs.

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