Ableton Bundle Offers

Looking for the perfect combination to go with Live 3?
Ableton now offering Live 3 bundled with the following exciting new products:

Live Firewire Audiophile.
Ableton Live and the M-Audio Firewire Audiophile interface for EUR/USD 449

Live Indigo DJ bundle.
Ableton Live and the Echo Indigo DJ PCMCIA-interface for EUR/USD 499

Live Hammerfall bundle.
Ableton Live, the RME Cardbus and the RME Multiface in one metal case for EUR/USD 1099

Live FW-410 bundle.
Ableton Live and M-Audio´s FW-410 FireWire Interface for EUR/USD 699

Live Ozone bundle.
Ableton Live and the M-Audio Ozone audio workstation for EUR/USD 529

Live X-Session bundle.
Ableton Live and the brand-new Evolution X-Session controller for EUR/USD 449

Live UC-33e bundle.
Ableton Live and Evolution’s versatile UC-33e controller for EUR/USD 499

Already own Live?
As a special offer for registered Live users, Ableton have limited quantities of the bundled products above for purchase separately.

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