New open source project released for Soundart’s Chameleon

We are glad to announce the release of a new Open Source project released
for the Chameleon. This project has been developed entirely by Aleix Riera,
an independent Spanish Chameleon developer. Once it has reached its version
1.0, Aleix has kindly decided to publicly release the source code to allow
other developers continue and improve this new soundskin.

South Pole features four parallel filter bank lines with SP-Delay and Hot
Saturation units. It makes a perfect solution for making long, dynamic and
constantly pseudo-random evolutive organic pads, ensembles and strings. The
possibility of very low frequency generation provides the musician with a
powerful opportunity of making huge and endless sustained sounds and chords.

Extract all the juice of the four 4-Pole Filters and make your own
experimental phaser effects over the largest pads through SouthPole
transformation capability, by enabling all the lines at the same time: “Find
the end of the rainbow and fly wherever the winds blow”.

The main features of South Pole v1.0 include:

Filter Bank: 3 types of 24 dB filter (Low-Pass, Band-Pass and High-Pass)
in parallel mode with each line out of four lines available. A total of 12
stereo auto-oscillating Moog-way conceived filters.

Low Frequency Oscillator Bank: 3 LFO’s with their 3 offset adders in each
line connected directly to the Filter Controls (cut-off, resonance and
panning). A total of twelve 0-to-40 Hz logarithmic LFOs working in parallel
mode. All parameters are easily and directly controllable with the knobs by
the user (amplitude, frequency and offset).

SP-Delay Unit: A 4-channel mixer followed by a logarithmic stereo Delay
(1,1 milliseconds up to 11 seconds) gives the complete control of the 4 send
levels, including a Random control of the echo times.

Hot-Saturation Unit: A stereo Hot-Saturation Unit will burn slowly the
sound, making it strongly hot all the time the sound cries. It works
directly on the Filter Bank (after them, in lines 1 & 2, and before in 3 &
4). The perfect emulation of the first sounds of electronic organs and
really specific for the most agressive drums and percussion.

Global Mixer: A 3-channel stereo mixer allows you to separate the original
sound, the line-processed sound, and the delayed sound to adjust the perfect
amount of each one at the final mix.

Factory and User Presets Bank: A total of 256 flash memory containers with
256 Factory and User Presets. The 128 Factory Presets and the 128 User
totally editable Presets Bank gives you the fastest access to your own
SouthPole configurations and patches.

The SouthPole skin is available now as a free download for Chameleon users
on our web site:

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