TC Electronic is shipping Dynamic EQ

TC Electronic ships Dynamic EQ, the new mixing and mastering plug-in exclusive to the PowerCore platform. This new EQ tool offers up to four definable bands, which can work in static or dynamic mode, or in a combination of both. Also, each of the bands can be configured as a parametric EQ or a high/low shelving filter. Dynamic EQ for PowerCore is shipping at EUR 430 Ex.VAT.

This virtual processor eliminates the shortcomings of static EQ by providing a perfect marriage between dynamic processing and EQ. Included Sidechain bands, which are independent of the processing bands, enable the high frequency content of a mix to control the low-end and vice versa. All processing is in 48-bit double precision, and may even be used in a phase linear mode, for much more transparent results. Dynamic EQ represents a new generation of mastering tools for PowerCore.

The PowerCore Platform
PowerCore is the open platform DSP engine for professional signal processing for Mac and PC. Its serious processing power seamlessly integrates with any Audio Units- or VST compatible host application. PowerCore includes ten world-class quality TC plug-ins right out of the box. Optional plug-ins are available from TC and a growing number of respected 3rd-party developers such as Access, Sony, Novation, TC-Helicon, Waldorf and D-Sound.
PowerCore is available as a PCI card or external FireWire unit.

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