Manifold Labs ships Plugzilla

Manifold Labs today announced the general availability of Plugzilla, the first-of-its-kind, rack-mounted plug-in player.

An embedded Linux host optimized to run VST instrument and effect plug-ins, Plugzilla’s applications range from front of house and mixing, to live performance, recording and mastering.

To meet the demands of these markets the product ships with hundreds of bundled plug-ins including a launch-limited version of the ProZilla Pack from world-class developer PSPaudioware. Additional plug-ins can be downloaded and installed.

“Plugzilla represents a new category in professional audio making plug-ins more versatile, powerful, and portable than ever before,” said Tony Agnello, Manifold Labs Co-founder. “Plugzilla adds a significant new dimension to the landscape of modern audio production.”

Leveraging a version of Linux optimized for low audio and MIDI latency, Plugzilla’s dual-machine architecture and extensive feature set will satisfy the demands of the most serious audio professionals.

The product has 4 channels of 96 kHz 24-bit analog audio, S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital audio, Word Clock, dual MIDI and footswitch ports, Ethernet, and USB. The USB ports can be used to connect various USB control devices and also support ‘thumb’ drives for saving plug-ins and presets. Via its Ethernet connector, Plugzilla connects to the Internet and can update itself from anywhere in the world.

“Plug-ins have changed the way music is produced, but the computers that run these plug-ins were not designed for music professionals,” continued Agnello. “From its rack-mounted design to its intuitive user interface, Plugzilla, on the other hand, was purpose-built from the ground up for the professional audio community.”

Plugzilla is priced at € 2965.00 incl VAT

Plugzilla front:

Plugzilla rear:

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