New update for the crusherX-Live softsynth

Büro Stelkens, proudly presents the new update crusherX-Live! 3.42. crusherX-Live! is a stand alone and VST multichannel granular soft morphing synthesizer with ASIO, VST, MIDI and Force-Feedback support. Its powerful vapor synthesis algorithm creates very complex and unheard cool waves. Based on traditional granular synthesis, crusher-X can be used as a synthesizer or as a versatile effects unit.

New crusherX-Live! 3.42 features

New Splines-Edits enables new modulations on the DCOs and the Vapor-Parameters. The Splines gives more flexibility on modulation and sound. The package comes with many new examples that will demonstrate this new features. Also the Granular-Window can be edit with these Splines. Beside that the Loadlist has new functions like inserting multiple files or insert complete other Loadlists.

crusherX-Live! 3.42 availability and pricing

crusherX-Live! for Windows XP/ME/9X will be available from the crusher-X website A free unlimited runtime shareware and demo download is also available on Full version price for one license is 139,- EUR. 3.xx registrated users gets the 3.42 update for free. Licenses are given via a new challenge/response system

crusherX-Live! screenshot:

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