Legacy Collection version 1.1.0 update

Korg has announced an upcoming software update for its Legacy Collection of soft synths. Version 1.1 will add a number of enhancements for the WAVESTATION and MS-20 synths, many based on popular requests from users.

* The external modulation Patch Points – MG TRI, MG PW, EG1, EG1 Reverse, EG2, and EG2 Reverse – have been added to the list of external modulation sources, for greater creative sound design and control.
* 32 new sounds, all created using the modulation sources mentioned above, have been added.

* A new “Snap” function has been added, allowing the length of each step ina wavesequence to be individually set to a specific note value (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc.), as determined by MIDI clock.
* The ability to edit multiple steps of a wavesequence at the same time has been added.
* Certain part parameters can now be edited by NRPN (Non Registered Parameter Number). The data for three microKONTROL “scenes” that use this new function are included.
* The performance of the WAVESTATION for PC has been greatly improved whenusing a processor that uses SSE instructions; such as Celeron, Pentium III,AthlonXP.

In addition, new sounds are continuously being developed and posted at www.korguser.net, the authorized Korg Legacy registration/support site. The free 1.1.0 software will be posted to the same website.

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