Luxonix announces Ravity16

Ravity16 is a host application only for Ravity(S) and Ravity(R).
With Ravity16, Ravity(S) and Ravity(R) will become the completion of the genuine VST ROMpler.

ou can load Ravity(S)/(R) up to 16 per instance of Ravity16, and channel mute/solo can be done.
There’s no limitation to load any number of Ravity16, like Ravity(S)/(R) does.
Ravity16 can be used as not only VST plug-in and also standalone application.
And as VST plug-in, full VST-Automation is supported including every Ravity(S)/(R) modules of each channel on Ravity16.

Specification :

– 16 part multi-timbral (16 slots for Ravity(S) or Ravity(R))

– Full VST-Automation

– VST plug-in / standalone

– Hyper Layed MIDI assign System for real-time performance and sound editing

Ravity16 is scheduled for release in December 2004 and costs $16.00 USD.
But all users purchased Ravity(S) or Ravity(R) till the end of 2004 will be offered Ravity16 for free.

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