Manifold Labs announces v.FOH software for Plugzilla

Manifold Labs today announced the delivery of V.FOH, a purpose-built software package that yields Plugzilla as the ultimate digital solution for Front-of-House engineering.

V.FOH features an enhanced audio routing system, a real-time frequency analyzer, and a MIDI-learn mode that renders Plugzilla as an integral instrument in the Front-of-House engineer’s cockpit. The world’s first standalone plugin player, Plugzilla is a unique 2U Linux-based digital effects processor that can run virtually any Windows-based VST or Linux-based LADSPA plugin.

“Front-of-House engineers quickly identified the value Plugzilla delivers as a completely portable and unequivocally versatile digital effects processor. Leveraging the enthusiasm of this demanding group of consumers we have developed a software solution that caters specifically to their diverse set of needs and objectives,” said Don Elwell, President of Manifold Labs.

The V.FOH update provides users with unprecedented audio routing flexibility through Plugzilla’s eight inputs and outputs and eight plugin slots. The capability to independently process eight different audio sources with bulletproof reliability saves time and resources by shrinking a typical 8U front of house rig to just 2U.

More information about Plugzilla is available online at

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