Elemental Audio introduces FINALIS

Introducing Finalis. Finalis is the ideal tool for controlling your audio levels, whether you need to get a handle on rogue overs and avoid clipping, or you want to maximize your audio’s loudness. Designed for easy operation and effective use across all genres, Finalis consistently delivers smooth and clean limiting.

We all know unplanned digital distortion is bad news. Use Finalis to control your audio levels and prevent distortion from rearing its ugly head. And when you need to give your audio more edge, Finalis helps you maximize your audio’s loudness. Even at more extreme settings, Finalis can control your levels without audible distortion. Whether you just need to catch an occasional over or you want to increase the average level of your audio, Finalis can tackle the job.

Introductory price of Finalis will be $139 (US) / Regular $159 (US). For more details on Finalis check out our Finalis product page (link below) or visit www.elementalaudio.com

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