Edirol releases drivers for OS X Tiger

With the coming of the latest Mac OS-X version Tiger, Edirol has released new drivers supporting Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger for eleven current and legacy devices. Edirol posted these drivers on the morning of the release of Tiger to ensure that Mac customers could continue to work and enjoy their Edirol products with the latest OS.

Eleven new drivers have been released to ensure support for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. This includes the complete complement of Edirol’s current USB audio and audio+MIDI devices, as well as some legacy devices.

Edirol’s current OS X MIDI drivers require no update to function fully on Tiger allowing USB MIDI Keyboards, USB MIDI Interfaces, Sound Modules, and Hardware Synthesizers (23 models in all) to function with previously compiled drivers. In addition, a number of Edirol Audio Devices are supported natively in Mac OS X so therefore require no driver update with Tiger, namely FA-101, FA-66, UA-1X, UA-1D and UA-3D.

The latest Edirol drivers are located here: www.edirol.com/support/drivers.html

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