Celemony and SAE Institute agree to work together

Celemony Software and the School of Audio Engineering (the SAE Institute) have concluded a far-reaching international agreement that will see numerous SAE studios equipped with Celemony software and the unique audio program Melodyne forming part of the SAE curriculum. Under the same agreement, SAE students, as well as members of the Institutes alumni association, will benefit from special prices on Celemony products.

Having proved a tremendous success in the SAE’s much-praised new studio complex in Munich, where they have been using Melodyne since last Autumn, the unique audio editing software is now standard equipment in the lecture halls and studios of nearly all the SAE’s European colleges.

At the same time, Celemony Software is offering SAE students as well as members of the SAE Alumni Association attractive discounts on its range of products. Order forms are available for the purpose in all SAE colleges and can also be downloaded from the Internet (www.celemony.com/downloads/sae-form.pdf).

“We are delighted to be working with the SAE,” comments Celemony’s Managing Director, Anselm Rößler, “because the SAE colleges as well as the degrees they offer are highly regarded and well established internationally. The fact that from now on SAE students will be trained in the use of our software as part of the curriculum demonstrates the innovative approach and practical merits of an SAE education.”

“The SAE has been highly enthusiastic about the audio editing software Melodyne since it was first presented,” says Andy Grotloh, Managing Director of SAE GmbH. “The effortless manipulation of tuning and timing within audio files that Melodyne makes possible, as well as the multitude of other possible applications for the program — not least as a teaching aid — will help the SAE to maintain the consistently high level of audio education if offers.”

For more information about the SAE Institute visit www.sae.edu and about Celemony and the program Melodyne, www.celemony.com

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