DashSignature announces new Swoosh synth

Dash Signature has announced SWOOSH Machine and released several free updates for EVE owners. By the first week of July, Dash Signature plans to release SWOOSH Machine, a VST DashSound Player like EVE and EVE ONE, but with a dedicated 1 GB library including a wide range of natural and synthesized audio effects – it will be sold bundled with a default 250 MB sample set for US$75, three further expansion packs (250 MB each) will be available for US$29.90 each.

SWOOSH Machine features:

* Two layers (two osc) sample based synth.

* Sample start offset adjustable per Osc.

* Advanced Pan modulation.

* High Resonant LP filter with LFO, ADRS and Keytracking.

* All parameters automatable.

* 100% skinable.

* 100% compatible with DashSound and Wusik libraries.

* 250 MB of high quality audio effects samples included.

NOTE: Upon the release of SWOOSH Machine, EVE 1.8 and EVE ONE prices will be raised by about a 20%. For more information check out the DashSignature website www.dashsignature.com

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