Digidesign introduces MassivePack 4

Digidesign is proud to introduce the MassivePack 4 and MassivePack Pro 4 plug-in bundles for Pro Tools|HD systems. The bundles include powerful, professional TDM plug-ins from Digidesign and top Digidesign Development Partners.

MassivePack Pro 4 adds a Pro Tools|HD Accel card, which supercharges Pro Tools|HD systems with increased DSP power for bigger, better mixes while also providing support for Pro Tools|HD Accel–exclusive software options.

The MassivePack 4 plug-in bundle is also available for VENUE live sound environment systems. With MassivePack 4, VENUE operators can work with many of the same powerful plug-ins used in recording studios directly from the D-Show™ console.

For a limited time, these MassivePack bundles are available at tremendous savings. Save more than $7,000 on a MassivePack 4 bundle or $10,000 on MassivePack Pro 4.

Both MassivePack promotional savings and the Exchange Program end September 20, 2005. For even greater savings on MassivePack 4 bundles, you can participate in the Q3 HD Accel Hardware Exchange Program. Exchange your registered Pro Tools III, Pro Tools|24, or Pro Tools|24 MIX™ system and legacy I/O peripheral for a Pro Tools|HD® 3 Accel system and 192 I/O™ interface and then purchase either the MassivePack 4 or MassivePack Pro 4 bundle at 50% off!

* Phoenix, by Crane Song
* ReVibe™, by Digidesign
* Smack!™, by Digidesign
* Fairchild™ 660 and 670 Bundle, by Bomb Factory®
* Pultec Bundle, by Bomb Factory
* H3000 Factory, by Eventide
* Quadravox, by Eventide
* Channel G, by McDSP
* MC2000, by McDSP
* Oxford OXF-R3 EQ, by Sony Oxford
* Speed, by SoundToys*
* Master X3, by TC Electronic
* A10 Series, by URS
* N12 Series, by URS

For more information on Massivepack 4 and Massivepack Pro 4 please visit the Digidesign website.

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