Sonic Charge updates uTonic to v.2.0.

Time passes quickly and the uTonic is celebrating a year and a half by maturing into version 2. Admittedly, version 1 did hold out for quite some time. This is actually the very first upgrade and it focuses on improving the usability of our unbeatable beatbox even further with features such as direct previewing in the file browsers, MIDI-controller support, a new pitched MIDI-mode, individual outputs and much, much more.

Major new features in µTonic 2.0:
– There is an alternative version of the µTonic with separate outputs for each drum channel (“MicroTonicVSTMulti”).
– The µTonic features built-in support for MIDI controllers with easy-to-use on-screen editing and “MIDI learn”.
– The program and drum patch file browsers feature direct previewing within the browsers.
– There is a “pitched MIDI mode” which allows you to actually play melodies with the drum patches on your keyboard.
– The oscillator section has been blessed with an attack parameter so that you can achieve a softer sound and reduce the click of those 808-style bass drums.
– You can export individual patterns (or chains) to standard MIDI files and WAV files.

The upgrade is free for all registered users and it is downloadable from the download page. The price is still $69 (excl. VAT) for new customers, but the price will be raised on October 1 to $89, so if you are serious about your synthetic drums, do not linger and miss the opportunity to get it for the cheapest possible price.

Finally, Mac users will be pleased to hear that an Audio Unit version is being constructed as we speak and is expected to be released later this year.

Look HERE for a complete walkthrough of the changes for Version 2.0.

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