Wizoo announces WizooVerb W5

New creative 5.1 reverb combines state-of-the-art technologies. Wizoo is proud to announce the WizooVerb W5. WizooVerb W5 takes the amazing realism and creative flexibility of the WizooVerb W2 true stereo room emulator to the realm of full 5.1 surround sound.

Exclusive to WizooVerb W5, HDIR (High-Definition Impulse Response) refines the IR method of room modeling, greatly improving the resulting reverb quality. WizooVerb W5 includes full 5.1 surround sound source models from 25 world-class recording and performance venues around the world.

WizooVerb W5 also features Wizoo’s proprietary A.I.R. algorithmic reverb technology that gives complete control over parameters such as tail delay, room size, ambience, density and color. A.I.R. gives users intimate control over their reverb sound, anything from subtle adjustments to creating surreal spaces.

WizooVerb W5 will be shipping end of June 2005 and carries an MSRP of 449$ USD (euro 375). M-Audio is the exclusive worldwide distributor for the product. For more information please visit the Wizoo website.

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