Nusofting releases Groove Analogizer – VST drum synth

Groove Analogizer is an Audio Controlled Drum Synthesizer, it means that like a vintage electronic drum tone generator (e.g. Simmons) the percussion sound is triggered by an audio input, not by a MIDI message. This also means that you must not load, in the host, Groove Analogizer as a VST instrument, it loads as a VST effect, usually in an insert slot.

But it’s really a synth: the sound of three oscillators is triggered and shaped by the audio input in many ways. A trigger can be any kind of percussive* sound, both mono or stereo, it can be a wav file ot another VST instrument (*percussive means: with fast attack time and fast or moderate decay/release time).

Sound Controls for each generator:
* Release time :amplitude and pitch envelope time
* Bending: positive or negative pitch envelope amount
* Offset : pitch base
* Timbre: from pure tone to noise, with FM option. New: overtone mode

Output Controls for each generator:
* Effect : send to internal stereo delay
* Pan: stereo image
* Volume: output level

Master Controls:
* FM: global amount
* Smooth: slope time for all envelopes
* Delay effect controls
* Dry: output of the trigger (source audio)
* Master : output level of all three generators

For more information and sound examples please visit the Nusofting website.

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