Plogue releases Bidule version 0.9

A new version of Bidule has been released by Plogue. The brainchild of Plogue Art et Technologie, Bidule is a cross-platform application that is gaining recognition world-wide as the new standard in modular music software.

New Features:
* Bidule can now run as a VST/AU plug-in (available only to registered users)
* Monitoring of inputs/outputs of a bidule (new context menu entry)
* New Spanish translation

New Modules:
* Key Sender
* MIDI Aftertouch Value Filter
* MIDI CC Value Filter
* MIDI Channel Pressure Value Filter
* MIDI Note Closer
* MIDI Note Velocity Filter
* MIDI Pitchbend Value Filter

* Basic Audio Buffer : added Clear Contents trigger input
* Constant : added loaded files in Mediapool choices
* Mixer : you can double-click on the Volume label to change the channel strip label
* OS X : you can drop supported audio/MIDI files on the dock icon to add them to the

* OSC MIDI : detune parameter is now optional
* Unit Converter : added MIDI 7bit to/from [0,1] normalized

Bug Fixes:
* Application : group selected objects could crash
* Application : for some dialogs escape/enter don’t act as cancel/ok
* Audio File Output : append mode doesn’t work
* Buffers/Freeze : save parameter is not available for linking/groups
* Copy/Paste : copy/paste could crash on dual core/processor machines
* Envelope : not using correct values after loading if presets were used
* Envelope/Map : adding presets could lose the current preset values
* Envelope/Map : adding a copy of the current preset didn’t copy the value
* FFT : some buffer size/FFT size/FFT overlap settings could sound “weird”
* Groups : possible crash when trying to save/cut/copy/etc.. depending on contained parameter linking
* Groups : loading brps file for a bidule with their preset parameter exported to the group doesn’t list presets correctly
* MIDI Buffer (Synced) : can’t save MIDI file
* MIDI Program Change To Param : didn’t work as expected
* Mixer : solo/mute need 0 to be turned off through parameter linking
* OSC MIDI : doesn’t work depending on how its connected
* OS X : 192kHz sample rate didn’t work
* Presets : saving a large number of presets is slow
* Pulse Generator : crashes with 0 harmonics
* Pulse Generator : weird output with < 1 harmonics
* Spectral Freeze : filename disappear when using presets
* Sync Transport : stops after a 1000 bar
* Trigger : rename “Play Signal” to the more accurate “Start of processing”
* VST OS X : floating frames option doesn’t work with cmd-tab
* VST Windows : vst still losing focus in some cases
* Windows : crash when trying to load an nonsupported audio file in the audio file player
* Windows : crash could happen when renaming an Envelope

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