AudioRealism Bass Line PRO now available

AudioRealism Bass Line PRO now available for PC and Mac OS X VST. AudioRealism Bass Line Pro is a monophonic/polyphonic semi modular synthesizer plugin with an integrated pattern sequencer.

While the unique sound of the Bass Line is well known and has become a standard in the music industry, the Pro version builds on its strengths and extends on them to reach new sonic possibilities without losing any of its original expression.

Key features:
* 2 (+1) Oscillators with sawtooth, square wave, pulse, triangle and sinus waveforms.
* Sync and ring modulation between oscillators.
* Noise generator with variable color.
* 2 ADSR envelopes.
* Full range oscillators with no aliasing.
* Non-linear filter with self oscillation and VCF tracking.
* Modulation generator with audio rate frequency (can be used as third oscillator).
* Can be used to process external signals, for example through the VCF.
* Stereo Delay unit with modulatable delay time (left & right).
* 32-voice polyphonic mode.
* Patch cable system allows additional CV routing.
* 500+ preset patches and sequences.

Bassline Pro comes in both VST instrument and effect versions for Windows and Mac OS X and costs €145 ($176). Demo versions are available. All registered owners of ABL can cross grade for €95. For more information please visit the Audio Realism website.

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