Digidesign introduces Music Production Toolkit

Digidesign today introduced the Digidesign Music Production Toolkit, an impressive selection of tools that can help easily expand the creative power of a Pro Tools LE or Pro Tools M-Powered system.

With the Music Production Toolkit, users can take advantage of an impressive collection of plug-ins and enhanced editing tools, increased track count, and the ability to easily export mixes as MP3 files. Whether you use Pro Tools® systems for composing, editing, mixing, remixing, or all of the above, the Music Production Toolkit puts a wide range of capabilities easily within reach.

The Music Production Toolkit includes a host of powerful plug-ins ideal for creating and producing music, including: Hybrid, a versatile high-definition synthesizer from Digidesign’s new Advanced Instrument Research group; TL Space™ Native Edition, a pristine convolution reverb; Smack!™ LE, a professional compressor/limiter; SoundReplacer™, a time-saving sound replacement tool; and DINR™ LE, an easy-to-use noise reduction plug-in.

With the Music Production Toolkit, users can also expand their Pro Tools sessions up to 48 mono or 48 stereo tracks at up to 96 kHz for more complex mixes. In addition, the Music Production Toolkit features a multi-track version of Beat Detective™, which allows users to perform automatic groove analysis and correction across multiple audio and MIDI tracks at the same time. This multi-track capability was previously available only with Pro Tools HD software. The Toolkit also provides the Pro Tools MP3 Option for exporting mixes as MP3 files. Finally, the Music Production Toolkit includes an upgrade to Pro Tools 7.1 software from any previous version of Pro Tools LE or Pro Tools M-Powered software, giving users an easy way to experience the new creative power of Pro Tools.

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